Package 1. Exploring Macbeth’s character through improvisation etc. This would include:

1. Stage combat workshop – sword fighting and/or hand to hand combat leading to a re-enactment of the battle scene at the beginning of the play.
2. Exploring Macbeth’s ambitious nature through a series of freeze frames depicting his conflicting thoughts after the witches’ predictions that he will become king.
3. Hot seating Macbeth’s character to explore his intentions and motivations.
4. A thought tunnel or conscience alley to reflect Macbeth’s battle with his conscience about killing the king.
5. A series of tableaux to show the killing of the king using open and close technique for effect.
6. A re-enactment of the final battle between Macbeth and Macduff leading to Macbeth’s death including some of the dialogue between the two characters.
7. A performance based on these activities followed by a plenary session at the end and ideas for follow up activities.

Package 2. Exploring the supernatural elements of the play ie the witches and Banquo’s ghost:

1. A study of the witches as characters through the opening scene and the spell from Act 4 Scene1. This will include: exploring the way the witches would have moved and spoken with some practical approaches to help the children get into character; the poetic element to their speech.
2. A re-enactment of the spell. A practical approach where the children learn one simple line each (whole class) then physically put their ingredients into a cauldron.
3. Use of soundscape to create the atmosphere in the witches’ cave. (Use of voice, body and percussion instruments)
4. Macbeth’s second visit to the witches and their predictions for his future. A series of flash forward scenes to show these predictions. These can be prepared in groups, shown to the class then discussed and evaluated.
5. A re-enactment of the feast after Macbeth has become king and his responses to the appearance of Banquo’s ghost at the table.
6. Hot seating Macbeth, after the feast, the explore his feelings about seeing Banquo’s ghost and his feelings about the witches now that everything seems to be going wrong.
7. A performance based on some/all of these scenes followed by plenary session and ideas for further activities.