Wake Up To Shakespeare Drama Classes

‘Wake Up To Shakespeare’ is a fantastic programme of practical approaches to Shakespeare for Primary Schools, aimed at introducing acting technique to the younger student and improving speaking and listening skills.

​In a fun, fast paced session, we utilise improvisation techniques to re-enact scenes from the plays and introduce children to the techniques required to develop characters, themes and storylines. This can be linked to any literature and themes the children are studying which will help to give insight into prose, poetry and scripted work.

The workshops also support the National Curriculum requirements for Drama and English by giving children the chance to create roles and convey story, themes and emotions. Opportunities for performance then enable evaluation and discussion of the dramatic techniques used throughout the session. These workshops are available to all Primary Schools in the North West and give the children an insight and understanding of Shakespeare’s plays. The benefits for your students are fantastic!

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Shakespeare Drama Classes - William Shakespeare associated with John Taylor oil on canvas, feigned oval, circa 1600-1610 NPG 1 © National Portrait Gallery, London
School Drama Classes
Romeo And Juliet Cheshire
A midsummer nights dream WUDA


Explore the character of Macbeth, the themes of ambition, power and the supernatural elements of this exciting, action packed play.

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‘Romeo and Juliet’

Step into the world of warring families and forbidden love. Explore the characters of Romeo and Juliet and learn how family, in Shakespearian times, could affect your life.

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‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’

Immerse your students in the fairy land of Titania and Oberon. Enjoy the tricks and magic of Puck and follow the lives of the Athenian lovers.

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‘Twelfth Night’’

Take a look at Shakespeare’s comedy genius! The children can follow the hilarious plot to trap Malvolio, Olivia’s pompous servant, and even get to wear the yellow garters!

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A play of murder, mystery and intrigue! Explore the motives of the Danish Prince, driven by the need to take revenge for his father’s death but thwarted by his inability to make a decision and commit the murder of his uncle.

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‘The Tempest’

Immerse your students in the trials and tribulations of Prospero, Miranda and the dreaded Caliban! Laugh at the hysterical behaviour of Stephano and Triculo and marvel at the magical ability of Aeriel!

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