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We offer a fantastic free opportunity to Secondary Schools and Colleges throughout the Warrington and surrounding areas. Here is a chance to give your students a wider perspective on drama and acting. We will come into your school, at a time convenient for you, and teach your drama classes. If teaching your drama classes is not convenient for you, we can offer lunchtime drama clubs or after school opportunities so that the students in your school do not miss out! The curriculum is guaranteed to help the students in whatever theme they are currently covering and they can even be tailored to match your current curriculum.

Why should I get involved?

As teachers, we want to give our students the best opportunities and chances to grow as people and experience the world in the most positive ways possible. At The Wake Up Drama Academy, we strive to give students opportunities to develop themselves and their skills base. There are many benefits of an extra-curricular drama class for your students such as improved confidence, social skills, meeting new friends and performance technique. Our classes help students to use and perfect transferable skills for life and help to improve the students’ health and well-being. By taking up the offer of our free workshops, you will be giving your students a fantastic opportunity which will help them, not only with their drama performances in school, but also with any area of their lives which requires presentation technique, group work, creativity and communication skills.

how our classes can help improve your students’ confidence and self-esteem how they can help their health and well-being.
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How will it help my students?

Key Stage 3.

The statutory requirements for Drama at Key Stage 3 state that children should be given opportunities to develop, explore and express ideas and concepts which will help them make sense of reality. More specifically:
Knowledge,understanding and skills.

  1.  Young people should have opportunities to use dramatic skills to engage with a range of stimuli, adopt a role, take part in improvisation, devise scripts and begin to develop an appreciation of theatre styles and genres.
  2. Explore characterisation through use of masks, costume, props etc.
  3. Evaluate their own and others’ work.

At The Wake Up Drama Academy, the students have many opportunities to experience all of these skills. Our curriculum is based mainly on improvisation which gives the students the chance to really own a role and develop their skills accordingly. There are, however, lots of opportunities to devise and develop scripts and we have a series of lessons dedicated to mask work. We cover a wide variety of theatre and film styles and genres and every lesson ends with opportunities for the students to consider their own work and the work of others. We always focus on what has been achieved and encourage discussion of ways in which the work can be improved.

We are passionate about helping young people to develop as individuals by expressing their emotions and responding to the views and feelings of others.The students have opportunities to explore how issues can be resolved in society and to consider other cultures. We encourage them to use empathy during their discussions and rehearsal time and, through all of this, to develop their confidence and communication skills.

how our classes can give your students transferable skills for life

Key Stage 4

Once your students have decided that they would like to pursue their interest in Drama and acting and they have signed up for a G.C.S.E. or an equivalent course in Drama or Performing Arts, an extra-curricular acting class will really help them with their devising, developing a role and their overall appreciation of theatre as an art form. The students have opportunities to discuss and analyse the devising process, to perform their pieces and to analyse and evaluate the results. Many teachers who work with us say that they have seen a marked improvement in their students’ performance through attending our classes.

Of course, all of the skills focused on at Key Stage 3 will be revised and developed for this age group also. We find that teenagers love the classes as they are improving their skills in terms of what they are achieving in school but also because we cover other areas such as film and television which are not generally covered in the school curriculum. Study of these genres will help the students to widen their understanding of acting through a fun, safe and caring environment. We hope that you will be keen to take up the opportunity of free workshops in your school. By doing so, you will be giving your G.C.S.E. students a fabulous opportunity to develop and grow as actors and as people.

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We can help your G.C.S.E. students with their work and offer them new opportunities to be involved in an extra-curricular club that will guarantee to improve their performance at G.C.S.E. and ‘A’ Level standard. Again, a fantastic opportunity and it’s absolutely FREE