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What can my child expect from joining the Wake Up Drama Academy?

What can my child expect from joining the Wake Up Drama Academy?

When your child has decided that s/he would like to enrol at the Academy, here is what s/he can expect!

  1. A warm, friendly and safe environment in which to work. There is always a warm and friendly welcome for any child/student who joins our Academy. We know that children want to feel comfortable and happy and we strive to ensure that this is their very first experience as they walk through the door.
  2. A fast paced and enjoyable opening to the lesson. Children like to be engaged straight away and our Drama games and activities are designed to do just this. If your child is new to a class and doesn’t know many people, this opening will ensure that they will be engaged with the other students in the class whilst having fun at the same time!
  3. A well planned and constructed lesson designed to teach a specific acting technique. Our curriculum is extremely well organised and written by Drama experts. We know that children need structure in their learning and we pride ourselves on our professionalism in this area.
  4. A lesson that will appeal to them as young people. Our lessons give the children opportunities to develop their ideas from their own real-life experiences whilst considering issues and situations from outside their sphere of understanding. We want to stretch our students so that they grow as people through exploration and creativity.
  5. Opportunities for performance. Most students who come to us already really enjoy performing and we give them plenty of chances to shine. However, if your child is shy or nervous about performing, we will nurture them and help them to develop their self-confidence so that they can combat their fears and start to develop their presentation and performance skills.
  6. Finally, the chance to reflect on their group work and performances so that they can improve and develop their skills even further. We always focus on what the students have actually achieved and then build on this in terms of improvement. We always praise the students for their work and help them to evaluate their work and the work of others.

We hope that your child will have a fantastic time at The Wake Up Drama Academy. Book your free trial workshop today and watch your child start to grow in confidence!




How is this achieved?

Each lesson is carefully planned and professionally delivered. Primary curriculum includes introductory activities, speech, verbal dynamics, creative movement, mimes, language development, structured improvisation, dialogue development, snippets, scene starters and lots of other activities to encourage creativity.

Our Secondary age classes are based on exactly the same principles and the curriculum is adapted to suit the age group. Frances Horridge has a background in Secondary school teaching and has been both a Head of Department and a GCSE and ‘A’ Level examiner. The classes are, therefore, brilliant for supporting what the students are trying to achieve through their examinations and will often help them to improve their grades accordingly. An added bonus!

Fun Lessons at WUDA

Above all, our classes are great fun!

All Principals and teachers have undergone extensive training in The Wake Up Drama Academy curriculum and teaching methods and, naturally, all are DBS checked. Principals visit classes regularly, monitoring children’s development and providing ongoing support for the teacher. Each lesson stimulates students to be fully involved and motivated. The classes are great fun and are guaranteed to give the students a fantastic knowledge of all types of acting and Drama as an art form.

All students attend a one-hour lesson, each week of the school year. Classes are held throughout the week in different locations, please visit Find A Location for local contact details.

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