Our Enrolment Process

Everything you need to know about enrolling with the Wake Up Drama Academy.

How do I enrol my child at The Wake Up Drama Academy?

Once your child has been to their free workshop, you can go ahead and enrol him/her at the academy. The process is very easy and stress free!

1. Your child attends a free workshop at The Wake Up Drama Academy.

2. You will have given your contact details either via the web site, by filling in the back of a flyer or over the phone.

3. Your principal will give you a follow up call, before the next lesson, to give you some feedback on your child’s performance and to confirm whether your child wants to enrol at the academy.

4. Your principal will email you a welcome letter, an enrolment form and the terms of business for the academy. Please fill out the form and hand it in to your principal at the start of the next lesson.

5. In the meantime, your principal will email your invoice for the amount due for the full term or the rest of the term if your child is enrolling part way through the term. We prefer you to pay online by BACS transfer and the details for this are included on your invoice. If, for some reason, you cannot do this, you can send a cheque or cash in to the next lesson.

6. Once the fees have been paid and the enrolment form received, your child is enrolled at the academy and does not need to re-enrol at the start of the next term. However, please note that you must let us know, before the end of a term, if your child is not returning for the next term otherwise you will still be invoiced for that new term.

So, the enrolment process is simple! Book your free workshop today.

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