Acting for screen –
television and film acting

At The Wake up Drama Academy, as well as learning stage and theatre acting technique, your child will get the opportunity to learn how to act for television and film. This is normally very exciting for the students as it is something they do not get the opportunity to do in their Drama lessons at school and many teenagers really want to learn how to act like their favourite actors on film. We cover vocal and physical technique as well as different dramatic forms within TV and film genres such as soap operas, reality TV shows, drama, a range of comedy techniques and much more. So, if your child would like to learn the art of screen acting. The Wake up Drama Academy is a good place to start!

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Audition Technique

Many of our lessons are brilliant for preparing young actors for auditions both for stage and screen. Normally, an actor will be asked to prepare a monologue for an audition. We can help the student choose the right kind of piece and also train them in the technique of delivering an effective monologue. It is important that the student chooses a character that they can connect with and which is within their own age range. We can point the student in the right direction. We can also help the student to be authentic in their interpretation and delivery of their monologue. We always encourage our students to be creative with their chosen piece so that the delivery is coming from them and not from us. This helps to keep the piece fresh and is more likely to impress the panel.

Sometimes, students attending auditions are given a script a few days before and we can help them interpret the script and allow time for practice. Sometimes, they may be given a script to sight read on the day. We also look at this technique and give students opportunities to improve their skills in this area as well as showing them the best way to enter and exit, helping them combat nerves, to expect the unexpected and to prepare them for rejection. These techniques, along with mock auditions in which the students get the chance to answer possible questions they may be faced with from the panel about their character and his or her motivations, help to prepare students for their audition and give them confidence in themselves and their performance.

These techniques are covered in classes but we also offer bespoke, one-to-one training for students should they want it. We will do our very best to give your child the opportunity to be successful at any audition they are attending!

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