Drama Classes

The Wake Up Drama Academy provides its students, aged 7-18, with evening and weekend one hour acting technique classes. The classes encompass both a theatrical and practical understanding of acting as an art form and are both innovative and exciting. Our curriculum focuses on acting technique both for stage and screen which gives the students an overall experience of acting, its theatrical and screen variations and also gives the child a wide skills base of varying techniques.

We have three different age groups for our classes: 7-10, 11-13 and 14-18. We believe that it is important for the students to work with a variety of other students from different ages and backgrounds. However, it is also essential, for planning and delivery of classes, that there are firm parameters within each class. This also allows the children to feel comfortable with their class mates and, therefore, to develop their skills more efficiently.

Develop Yourself

Each lesson is also designed to inspire and develop confidence, self-esteem, group work and communication skills and enables the students to participate freely without the discomfort of embarrassment. We find that the students make new friends very quickly and soon conquer any fears they may have about performing in front of an audience. This is an essential life skill and a skill which students will be required to use throughout their school and adult life.

We firmly believe that each child can bring something exciting and essential to each class. The Wake Up Drama Academy provides a safe and happy environment for learning and a clear and well-structured curriculum. All students are taught, from the beginning, to respect each other as friends and fellow actors.

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