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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ’s for quick answers to our most asked questions.

How long does a term last?

A: Typically a term lasts 13 weeks with 12 workshops,1 week off for half term two weeks off for Christmas and Whitsun and six weeks off over the summer.

How much does a full term at The Wake Up Drama Academy cost?

A: For community classes, full term of twelve lessons costs £90 which works out at £7.50 per lesson.

For after school primary classes, a full term costs £78.

If a child starts part way through the term, how is the termly fee charged?

A: The current termly fee for each child is £90 per term or re enrolment. Should a child join part way through the term, they are charged what we call an initial enrolment fee, which is calculated against how many lessons remain in that term.

Can my child bring a friend?

A: Yes, but you should let your principal know either by contacting them first or by filling out a pupil referral form.

Will the holidays always fit in with my child?

A: Generally, the termly holidays fit in with all students give or take a day or two. With half term holidays, we cannot guarantee that it fits exactly with all children as the school holidays vary. You should find most holidays fit in with your holidays. All calendars for individual academies are available from this site.

What if I want to enroll 2 children?

A: This is fine, speak to your principal about this. Principals usually offer a 10% discount for parents bringing 2 children to the class.

How many children are there in a class?

A: Classes will have a maximum of 25 children on the register.

What happens when my child gets too old for a group?

A: Usually your child will be given the opportunity to move up to an older group, however it is not uncommon for children to want stay in their particular group if they have made friends.

How does my child re-enrol at the beginning of each term?

A: At the end of each term all parents will be sent an invoice for the next term for their child. The invoice will have the start date of the new term. Payment should be made via BACS using the bank details on the invoice or you can pay by cheque made payable to The Wake Up Drama Academy.

My children don't like dancing or singing, will they have to do that?

No, we are an acting academy and focus purely on the techniques of acting for stage and television. Some elements of movement will be studied as will some vocal warm up exercises, but your child will not be required to sing or dance.

Who will be teaching my child?

A: Each academy is run by our principals who have undergone training with The Wake Up Drama Academy Ltd. Each principal has their own performance based background and experience working with children. All of our principals carry their own (DBS) police check and public liability insurance.

Is there any reason why my child may not be eligible to enrol?

A: All children are welcome regardless of experience or background. Wake Up Drama Academy principals may advise against enrolment or in extreme cases refuse enrolment if the principal believes that it is unsafe for the individual or the group.

What if my child leaves and decides he/she wants to come back?

A: That is perfectly fine, we can simply put them back on the register.

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