Our Mission

The benefits for your child are four fold. We guarantee to:

Develop Speech and Communication.

All of our classes are improvisation and group work based. This means that, through discussion and listening, the children are encouraged to expand their command of language by responding to questions and others’ views. They will learn how to adapt their speech to a wide variety of real life situations and speak appropriately depending on context and audience. Our classes provide many opportunities for the children to develop these skills.

Improve Presentation.

Whatever walk of life your child chooses, presentation skills are essential for success. Our classes provide opportunities for argument and debate, interview technique and delivering talks and speeches through role play and improvisation. These are skills required in most other subjects at school and in later life, and we can help your child excel in this area!

Build Self-confidence.

Our classes are guaranteed to improve your child’s self-confidence. We¬†teach children to make a range of effective contributions, to use creative approaches to real life situations and to develop their ideas effectively. Through performance, children’s confidence develops and improves and they will be able to reach, effectively, audiences beyond their usual sphere of experience.

Perfect Skills for Life.

If you would like your child to develop the skills they are going to need to be successful in life, then this is a good place to start. We guarantee to improve and develop all of the above skills in a safe and positive environment so that children can reach their full potential.

Learn to act and the world is at your feet!

Frances Horridge

Founder of the Wake Up Drama Academy

Frances explains the academy’s mission and overall purpose.

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