Our Curriculum

The curriculum for the three age groups is the same. However, it is adapted depending on the age group so that the children can work within their knowledge base and life experience. Each lesson starts with a ten-minute physical/vocal warm up game or activity designed to gel the group and introduce the main part of the lesson. These games and activities are great fun and we often find that the students will request their favourite activities on a regular basis!

The next part…

The next part of the lesson introduces the acting technique we are focusing on at this point. This is normally a whole group discussion followed by group/pair work and rehearsal time. However, this could also be an individual activity, for example in the case of monologue work. During this time, we ensure that there is plenty of opportunity for student/teacher interaction so that the students get the help they need without feeling restricted in their work.

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The final part…

The final part of the lesson normally consists of performances followed by constructive comments and discussion from the group. We encourage all students to focus on the good points of their performances and to give constructive advice on how they can be improved.

At the end of each term, we award a Bronze, Silver and Gold certificate to three students, in each class, who we feel have worked extremely hard, improved their technique, confidence or communication skills over the term. The students love the awards and are always supportive of each other. We always explain clearly why we have awarded certain students with certificates and often ask the students why they think we have done so. This encourages them to consider the talents and effort of others; again, an important life skill.

Classes run parallel to the school terms and there are twelve classes in each term (thirty-six in total). This means that your child will not miss out during the school holidays as the academy is closed during half term and end of term holidays. Holiday clubs will be available soon and will be separate from the normal termly curriculum.

Our After School Clubs

Our classes run in conjunction with the school terms. There are no classes during half-term or end of term holidays.

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