November 2019 Newsletter

Drama Newsletter November 2019

Well, it has been a busy half term so far at WUDA and we have some very exciting news to share with you all!

DMC Media Promotional Video

Saturday 30th November 2019
Culcheth High School
11am – 1pm

Firstly, we would like to invite all current students along to our filming day for our new promotional video.

David McCollum, who runs DMC Media, will be coming to make a promotional film for the web site and for social media. We need around 25 of our current students to come along and be part of the film. We will be doing a variety of acting and improvisation activities and the students will even get chance to use the filming and lighting equipment!

This is a fantastic opportunity for your child to get involved. It is going to be a brilliant session and places will be given on a first come first served basis. So, if you would like your child to be in the spotlight, let me know as soon as possible and I will reserve them a place!

Trinity College London Exams!

Even more exciting is that, from this half term onwards, WUDA will be offering its students the chance to achieve formal Speech and Drama Exams with Trinity College London. These are nationally and internationally recognised accreditations which offer all sorts of opportunities for young people from all sorts of backgrounds and with differing abilities.

‘At the heart of Trinity’s work is the belief that effective communicative and performance skills are life enhancing, know no boundaries and should be within reach of us all.’ (Trinity College London)

These values are reflected in our own methods at WUDA and we are extremely excited to be able to offer our students the chance to become involved. We will prepare and coach the students during our normal lesson time, as much of what is required is already being covered in these lessons. There will be no extra cost to the parents (apart from the cost of actually entering the exams) and all we ask is that the students commit some of their own, personal time to rehearse and prepare.

So, if your child is a current student and would like to get involved then just let us know. We will be talking to the students over the next few weeks and giving them some example materials to prepare so that we can assess which Grade would be the most suitable for them. There are 8 Grades altogether (as in Music Exams) but there is no requirement for students to have completed previous Grades before they are entered for a specific Grade.

If your child has been a student with us, and would like to come back to classes to take advantage of this great opportunity, get in touch and we can discuss this further. We feel certain that these formal accreditations will help the students in a variety of ways. They could lead to further diplomas in performing, Drama and Literature courses at further and higher education institutions and employment as a result of increased communication, presentation and team work skills!

Click on this video link to learn more about how Trinity Exams in Speech and Drama can help your child.

Please note: the Trinity Exams are not compulsory for our students and will not affect the enjoyment of our classes.

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